It all started when…

One day Mike Echevarria showed Sherri Sutton a few beautiful pictures he took of florescent coral. These photos were taken at night, but the brilliant glowing hues were shining brightly. Sherri shared that she had never seen coral like this before and asked Mike how he captured these magnificent photos.

Mike shared that to photograph the corals he must have some special equipment. He dives at night with a blue light and shines it on the coral. He also wears a yellow-tinted lens on his goggles and camera lens, and through the tint, he is able to see the magnificent colors in the corals that the blue light is shining on.

After he told her the story, Sherri said, “That’s what we do at Positive Impact Force. We allow you to look at your organization and your current staff with a new lens by bringing them into the process, getting their energy and pulling out their strengths.”

This is what our logo represents- shining a light on what is often overlooked and using a positive lens to see the best in what is.

We love this story and love that it is coral – an often-overlooked animal with plant-like characteristics that is necessary for the greater good.

At Positive Impact Force we strive to bring out the best in your organization, the best in your people, and the best in you, creating a Triple Bottom Line- People, Planet and Profit. Join us to experience the shifts and results that happen with a positive lens and a light shining on your strengths.