As a non-profit trade association founded in 1991 by fish farmers we had drifted from our initial mission and needed reinvigoration and redirection. Positive Impact Force worked with Association staff to identify and interview stakeholders both in- and outside the organization to inform content and process. They then led a strategic planning activity based upon an approach entitled SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results). This positive approach, unlike traditional strategic planning that uses SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), was based upon a positive experiences and outcomes so that our Board members did not become paralyzed by the seemingly overwhelming threats that they might envision. SOAR worked perfectly and provided, in one day (!), a document with five themes for staff and Board to sink their teeth into and implement. We are more than pleased with the outcome and highly recommend Positive Impact Force as a change agent that works

Paul W. Zajicek
Executive Director
National Aquaculture Association


For years I have served on the Board of Directors for the Florida Aquarium in an effort to help develop their research and conservation programs, but also to support their day-to-day activities as an attraction. While there was always an air of support for both efforts, from time to time there was also conflict between the two “missions”. Positive Impact Force organized and conducted an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) session that lasted a day, and brought in a very broad group of employees, management, board members and other stakeholders. Using the principles of SOAR, the workshop began and ended on a tremendously upbeat and positive tone, and at the end the two missions became one, with a vision statement of “Protect and Restore Our Blue Planet”. The only way this was achieved was through the positive thinking process imbedded in SOAR and AI, allowing everyone to think “big”, outside the box, and towards a common future. Today the mission of the Florida Aquarium is solidified and the attraction, research, education and conservation are all working together, feeding each other with energy and income. Positive Impact Force has done a great job developing a program that will fit both small groups, as well as a large, diverse group like the Florida Aquarium, and making it enjoyable for everyone.

Craig A. Watson, Director
Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory
School of Forest Resources and Conservation
Program in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
University of Florida


Positive Impact Force has partnered with our business in planning strategic objectives, developing and training our leadership team, and helping to create a True Colors culture. Their integrative approach works well with our company as we continue to engage them in projects that support our growth and expansion.

Jennifer Phelps, M.S., BCBA
Engage Behavioral Health


We, at Expressive Arts Institute Florida,  have been working on growing our business for the past ten years. As a partnership of three women at different life stages, we are committed to, and challenged by, working with the social and life changes that occur over time, both personally and professionally. This has not been easy, and we reached out to Sherri at Positive Impact Force for guidance. Although we expected it to be another intense financially challenging system, it is, to our surprise and delight, a manageable, pragmatic and POSITIVE approach!

SOAR is an all-encompassing, carefully created system. It is helping us to move from where we are today to where we want to be, by tapping in to the strengths and goals of each of us, both within our business and beyond. SOAR is helping us to clarify outcomes, aspirations, and opportunities in a way that melds each partner’s vision and passion. With clarity and understanding, Sherri is able to lead us into a clear, helpful, solution-oriented picture of our financial arena. SOAR offers a clear path and financial forecast to grow our business in a way that is both understandable and easy to track, month by month. We at EAFI are so pleased that we have been introduced to the SOAR process and believe it will be guide us to sustain and grow in a more positive, less stressful way!

Expressive Arts Institute Florida