To unleash the potential of people, organizations and the community.

We believe that we should leave behind a better world than the one we inherited. We live in an amazing city on a spectacular planet, so our mission is important!


At Positive Impact Force, we believe the best way to have a positive impact in our community is through helping businesses value their employees, and create cultures and opportunities that both give back and engage everyone to their full potential.

Employees who feel valued and connected at work, value and connect with coworkers, go home and value and connect to their families, in the community, and with our planet.

We believe in people and the power of business to make a positive impact. It drives our work helping businesses recognize a triple-bottom line (People, Planet and Profit) that helps everyone.


Compassion – Use transparent communication for open and honest two-way communication that is constructive and allows growth. This requires listening with your heart to understand both viewpoints and speaking up with sincerity. Also, having the courage to share your viewpoint and being vulnerable enough to receive constructive feedback.

Insatiable Curiosity – Always asking powerful and provocative questions looking for the best of what is and continuing to inquire as to how our positive core can help us contribute in bigger ways, take us to the next level, and challenge each other to be curious.

Prosperity – Hold ourselves accountable for sound financial practices, and profitability due to living our vision and values. Our prosperity reflects our commitment to our people and the planet.

Flourishing “Stakeholders” – Integrating all stakeholders for mutual benefit including our vendors and customers.

Positivity – Challenging yourself every day to use positive language and to “BE AI”. Appreciative Inquiry allows us to embrace change and create whole-system change that allows accountability to the entire system, always focusing on the positive core.

Collaboration – Work together to identify each person’s strength in helping our clients achieve success. This may require collaborating outside of our initial core and ensuring all collaborators share our common values.

Diversity – We accept diversity of thought, values, and different view-points and respect each other enough to have compassion and insatiable curiosity.