Business Consulting for the
Triple Bottom Line

Business Consulting for the Triple Bottom Line

We believe in conscious capitalism and a triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit. All companies are in business to make a profit. Sustainable companies also focus on their employees, community and environment— which leads to higher profits, productive employees, and a responsible relationship with the planet.

Positive Impact Force provides a spectrum of business consulting, corporate training, leadership training and leadership development services that help companies take their existing programs, values, and strategies and create a culture that is people-centric. Developing a corporate culture that truly values each employee promotes wellbeing in their lives, the lives of their families, the communities they live in, which in turn contributes to the sustainability and profitability of your company.

Our whole system approach delivers sustainable culture change

Training that Builds on What Works

We employ a strengths based approach, including the Appreciative Inquiry Change methodology, to facilitate human and organizational change and learning. This approach identifies first what is working; the strategy we develop energizes the employees and management in the direction of their strengths for measurable success.

Strategic Planning

Our strengths-based strategic planning method uses the SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) strategy and planning framework. This allows your organization to focus on the positive and gain momentum around a strategy that has whole-system buy-in.

Appreciative Inquiry

We use Appreciative Inquiry as a tool to help organizations co-construct a plan that empowers employees to create mutually agreed upon sustainable change. This method allows a positive focus that creates results and increases engagement ensuring every voice in the organizations has an opportunity to be heard.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development focuses on the mindset of the leader and their personal vision for their life. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach and offer hands-on interactive learning to engage the leaders. We focus on context, offering a limited number of competencies in digestible learning sessions, taking into account organizational needs, real work accounts, and measurable results.

Executive Coaching

Our coaching allows business leaders to gain valuable insights about themselves and their potential. Our certified coaches assess our clients, develop personalized plans, create accountability and help you achieve your goals. They will help you create the ‘best’ YOU.

B Corp Certification Coaching

Collectively, B Corps lead a growing global movement of people using business as a force for good™. Through the power of their collective voice, one day all companies will compete to be best for the world™, and society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity for all.

Financial Coaching

Our Financial Freedom Program helps clients relieve stress, eliminate debt, and create wealth by coaching clients to make positive financial decisions. The lasting impact of maintaining control of finances has a profound effect on our clients lives. Clients will have the freedom to be the spouse, parent, employee and improved community member who feels empowered and not held back.


Subject-matter experts are often your best trainers with a little training and coaching. Our hands-on approach takes them from subject-matter expert to on-the-job training expert. Sustainable results require reinforced learning using adult learning principles as the foundation and learning interventions that match the speed of your organization.

True Colors

Gain insight into your diversity of values, strengths and needs. Take a journey of self-discovery – participate in this interactive course based on the Jungian Personality Theory and derived from the internationally renowned Myers Briggs Type Indicator. True Colors® reveals the Keys to Personal Success and enhanced career satisfaction.
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Sustainable Learning that Produces Results

Our unique subscription pricing promotes real and sustainable whole system change. Ongoing measurement and analysis is key.

Our consultants continue to work with your organization, improving processes, working with or serving as your HR team and aligning with your organization’s larger goals and values.

Our monthly subscription model allows us to determine which training and consulting services your organization needs on any given month, offering flexibility and a wide breadth of skills and services. This promotes whole system change, from management to staff, from process improvement to ROI, from executives to customer service to HR. We continually measure and report results, consult on strategy as necessary, and implement follow up training or management consulting as needed. The subscription model is also conducive to budget forecasting, and makes high dollar solutions affordable for small businesses.


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