Your strategic plan creates the direction your organization is going and helps you make decisions. Our strengths-based strategic planning method uses the SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) strategy and planning framework.

This allows your organization to focus on the positive and gain momentum around a strategy that has whole-system buy-in. This approach actively engages stakeholders within your organization and helps you design a plan that provides a measurable, strategic goals that align with your organizations values and strengths. Our method allows you to take what is working and do more of that.


Research has shown that building on people’s strengths can produce greater results than spending time correcting their weaknesses. Gallup Poll researchers, Donald Clifton and James Harter, report that in organizations where workers focus on their strengths, productivity is one and one-half times greater than an organization that focuses on weaknesses.

In SOAR, we focus on our strengths and opportunities, so that we can align and expand them until they lessen or manage our weaknesses and threats. Weaknesses and threats are not ignored. They are reframed and given the appropriate focus within the Opportunities and Results conversation. Ultimately, it becomes a question of balance. Why not spend as much time or more on what you do well and how you can do more of that? What gives you more energy to take action? What gives you confidence to set a stretch goal?

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